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About Gospel House

Gospel House began in 1995 on a public access channel. The 30-minute Christian Music Program was just a means of gaining television production experience for program producer Kimberly Felton, a former college DJ, and Cecil Felton, a video director. The program quickly evolved into a ministry directed by the husband and wife production duo.

“Our intent was to use the medium of television to produce programming that teach essential Christian principles, while having a good time,” said Kimberly, the Executive Producer and Host of this weekly fun-filled music ministry.

After seven years of development, Gospel House made its commercial debut on January 18, 2002 on the Warner Bros. Network in upstate New York. The success of the ministry revealed the need for a 24/7 Gospel House Television Network. The vision for Gospel House is global distribution. Gospel House TV is a production of Gospel House Ministries, Inc., a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit. The ministry is funded in part by ministry stakeholders and bookstore patron. Visit our online bookstore and support the ministry.