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By Gospel House TV on 9/17/2012 12:21 PM
Whether we have been saved one year or twenty, it is safe to say we are, as all men, subject to deep frustrations.  We live in a world that runs counter to the will and way of our heavenly Father.  We live in a nation that increasingly demonstrates its intolerance for the gospel that has saved us.  On every hand, the laws of our God are violated and His intentions are ignored.  In fact, time and again, new laws are passed that seem to have, as their primary intent, the removal of our God from our society.  In the face of these developments, it is easy to give in to frustration, perhaps even discouragement.  In light of these things what is the child of God to do?  Could it possibly honor the Lord for us to throw up our hands in disgust?  Could it bring Him glory if we were to give in to a fatalistic mindset, seeing all as hopeless?  I believe the psalmist gives us that which is fitting and proper for us as God’s people.  He offers to us a place of marvelous hope and real stability.  He teaches us, by way of reminder,...
By Gospel House TV on 6/11/2012 1:34 PM
So often the psalmist offers to us the most practical of instructions.  We seek complicated formulas that we believe will work most effectively in transforming our lives as we bow to the rigorous demands.  For all of this, our Lord has made His expectations remarkably clear and astonishingly simple.  We find in Psalm 4:4 an example of God’s plain way with man. 

“Stand in awe and sin not.”  With respect to the walk of every believer, what could be simpler?  Our God does not bid us to join small groups, form intricate webs of accountability partners and so on.  He simply says “stand in awe”.  If the believer would but live in the fear of God then the direct result would be that they “sin not”.  Oh, how much time and effort is expended to work our way into a lifestyle that comes naturally to all who fear God?  Do you find sin to be a recurring matter, plaguing your walk and hampering your way?  Perhaps your answer is not in more determination but more fear.

The question must then be asked; how is it...
By Gospel House TV on 6/5/2012 11:49 AM
In an age when liberalism abounds, not only in the world but in the church, the words of the psalmist ring true to every humble and believing heart. Here is the cry of a worshipper before God pleading for His mighty work in the midst of His people. It is viewed as that which must be born of God in men as only such a work can bear genuine fruit that brings God glory. We also discover that it is a work of cause and effect. There is a longing from the psalmist to see God work something in a certain group that it would produce something else in the larger company.

Let thy priests be clothed with righteousness; and let thy saints shout for joy.    Psalm 132:9

“Let thy priests be clothed with righteousness.” Carefully note that the prayer is to let this happen, not that the priests were to manufacture a righteousness that they might wear before God’s people. Simply put, that would be self-righteousness and an ugly garment for God’s priests. It is God who must clothe us and it is His righteousness...