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A Prescription for Life 
This 30-minute healthcare program provides valuable information on a variety of medical and healthcare topics. Stress Management, Alternative Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Heart Health, Dental, Eye, and Foot Care are some of the topics previously covered. Interviews are conducted with professionals and specialists in their fields of expertise. The broadcast is presented in an easy to understand format. References, phone numbers and web site addresses are provided to viewers for more information. 

Ever Increasing Faith Ministry with Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr. 
EIMF Is charged with aggressively expanding the Lord's mandate, for believers to reach the nations of the world with His liberating Gospel. Over the past 30 years the Lord has used Pastor Frederick K.C. Price, to instruct and equip a people who would assume their responsibility to "support" and "do" the work of the ministry. Pastor Price, Jr. was installed as pastor of the 22,000-member mega-church on Sunday, March 15, 2009, his 30th birthday.

Gospel House 
Music, Ministry, & More… Gospel House is the flagship program that was the inspiration for launching the network. This 30-minute program features the best in urban contemporary and traditional gospel music. 

Three60TV Is a 30-minute thought provoking comedic Christian variety show that addresses a range of important personal and spiritual topics from a biblical perspective, in a refreshingly humorous manner. 

Tomorrow’s World 
Tomorrow’s Word makes plain the Bible’s answer to the most important questions: Why were you born? What happens after death? What does the future hold? Tomorrow’s World not only provides real insight into the underlying causes behind today’s news headlines, but also explains what will happen in the future, based on Bible Prophecy. 

30 F.P.S. (Frames Per Second) 
Is the recorded speed in which video is displayed on television set in the United States of America. This 30-minute video ministry features the best in Adult Christian music. It also highlights the rich diversity of Christian music artist.